Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tis the Season

From top to bottom: Bordeaux, Bronze Sparkle, Jade, Ice Blue
It's that time of year again. Most likely you stuffed yourself at Thanksgiving dinner to the point where you can't move, but managed to find enough energy to prepare for the war zone known as Black Friday shopping. Or, if you're like me, you chose to have no parts in the Black Friday madness, and instead took advantage of online shopping in the comfort of your own home. Now, as you get ready for Christmahanakwanzikah, there are still a few gifts that you still need to get.

That's where Gigee Marie comes in. Our holiday clutches are great gifts to give to your family and friends (or to yourself) and they include just enough glitz and glam for that upcoming holiday party. Check them out at

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So I decided to make a blog for Gigee Marie...and this is my first post :-) I debated back and forth whether or not I should create this addition to the day-to-day tasks for the business (oh yea, and my full-time job...meh), it's hard enough trying to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram -- and now I'm adding yet another platform that I'll need to maintain. But I wanted to create this blog to provide a different perspective into Gigee Marie that isn't always captured in the previously mentioned social media channels. The purpose of the blog is to give you more of a "Behind the Scenes" look at the makings of Gigee Marie.

Through the blog, you'll be able to keep up with what's going on with Gigee Marie, including my inspirations, first-hand glimpses of new pieces, our upcoming events and recaps, exclusive giveaways, and any other random thoughts/tidbits that may (or may not) be relevant. I'm hoping you will get to know a little more about the woman behind Gigee Marie (that would be me, Angela), and you can follow my journey as I document the process of building my brand.

As always, thanks so much for your support!

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